New York’s worst-kept secret

by alessiob
Burger Joint

As per my Italian heritage, when it comes to eating, i am very picky and, no matter where i am, i always look for something authentic and as far as possible from tourists’ traps. While visiting New York, i was determined in eating an authentic American burger, but i wanted to stay away from fast-food, chains, etc. That is how i ended up eating in the New York’s worst-kept secret:  Burger Joint. Burger Joint is a tiny restaurant hidden in a corner of the luxurious hotel Le Parker Meridien. There is nothing that reveals the existence of this restaurant and this is probably what gives this place a mysterious and charming atmosphere. Or perhaps is the juxtaposition between the divey 1970s interior and the posh monumentality of the marble Parker Meridien lobby.  In any case, the particular location and design of this restaurant pair up with perhaps the best burger in the city.

The myth says that the burger recipe was finalised after a tasting-tour of all the burger of New York. Since its opening, the restaurant still serves the same burgers at the same prices.

You want the one thing and you want it as well as it can be done

was the motivation of Burger Joint founders and they nailed it.

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