by alessiob

Nowadays I train quite a lot. Most of the times, I find myself going to gym always in an hurry and with three thousands of other thoughts in my mind – job, groceries, cleaning, etc. Hence, it is quite the norm to arrive to gym and to realise i forget something: the keys of the locker, the BCAA or the pre-worout mix, the protein powder, the snack, etc.

The worst thing is that when I bring all I need, I find myself buried from endless boxes, shakers and containers. So i started to look around for a solution to this burden and, as always, Sweden rescued me with


SmartShake started back in 2009 as a solution for gym enthusiast offering them a leak-proof, non-toxic way to carry and prepare protein powders and shakes. Over the years its product range has evolved to meet the needs of anyone living an active lifestyle. Today, you can basically use SmartShake as lunch boxes, water bottles, snack boxes, coffee cups and more. No wonder, in 2016 SmartShake was awarded the prize for best product in the Fitness and Health category at ISPO 2015/16.

If you feel the sudden desire to upgrade your life with a SmartShake, just visit their web-shop and take advantage of my discount code:


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