Hidden gems in Paris

by alessiob

In 2018, Pairs was among the top 5 most visited city in the world. On-line you can find thousands of guides. This post is not one of them. Rather it is a collection of hidden gems of Paris which are hard to find in traditional guides and recommended tours.

On-line you can find thousands of guides. This post is not one of them.

Whether it is your first time in Paris or you are an habituè of this magical city, you do not want to miss these.


Stroll in Ile de Saint Louis

Ile de Saint Louis is one of two natural islands in the Seine river.  The island seems disconnected from the city and its frenetic rhythms.  Here you can find cosy cafès, artisanal shops, restaurant and much more. All in a unique and charming atmosphere – not by chance Jhonny Depp owns a property on this island. My suggestion: buy a bottle of red wine and watch the sun set on the Seine shore.


Visit Shakspeare and Company bookstore

Whether or not you love books and reading, you can not miss this magical bookshop. Opened in 1951, Shakspeare and Company serves as a purveyor of new and second-hand books, as an antiquarian bookseller and as a free reading library open to the public. In addition, it hosts aspiring writers and artists in exchange for their help. Since its opening, more than 30,000 people have slept in the bookstore.


Eat lunch at La Jacobine

When it comes to restaurants, Paris has endless possibilities to offer you. However, to find excellent and authentic food for a bargain, it is nearly impossible. Unless you are not at La Jacobine. Situated in the Latin quarter, La Jacobine will surprise you with authentic and delicious food in a warm and cosy environment. My suggestions: duck breast with almonds.


Have an unusual dinner at Chez Gladines

If you are looking for an intimate, relax and warm restaurant do not go here. Chez Gladines made his fame on communal seating, budget dining, lots of bread, cheap (but good) wine, encouraged fraternization and rich, gluttonous and delicious food. Do not let your eyes fool you and do not exceed when ordering: your stomach will be grateful.

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