by alessiob

Let’s be honest: nowadays, when it comes to earphones we have endless brands and choices. Yet, I could not find a pair of affordable  earphones, with a minimalistic design and great audio quality too. Until I found Sudio .

Sudio is a Swedish startup producing handmade, sound engineered earphones. Each model is carefully crafted into a timeless design suitables for every occasion, whether you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a polo.

I personally picked the TRE model which is designed for the active lifestyle. Tre is sweat-proof & has custom wing-tips for the most secure fit. Operating under Bluetooth 4.1, Tre is equipped with world-class features such as 9+ hours of battery life, exceptional mic clarity, and Siri voice control. Tre offers full sound transparency so you can listen to your favourite tunes without losing touch of your surroundings. 

With all this said. Visit Sudio web page shop your model and get 15% discount with my discount code: 


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